Monday, August 5, 2013

Kristi's Full Set

On Kristi's eyelash extensions I did 11's on the inside corners and 12's on the rest with c curl 2.0. Kristi has a company that has the coolest wall decals. They have 7 simple designs that allow you to apply them however you want. The best part is you can easily remove them if you are renting. Its the best way to add style to your home and not have to worry about the mess of wallpaper. Her website is and you can follow her on Instagram @wallsbymur to see great ideas of how people have used her designs.

Kelsey's Lashes

Kelsey's eyelash extensions are all 12 c curl 2.5. Her natural eyelashes are really curly and thick so her extensions always lay very well. With her new eyelash extensions we can always do fun dramatic look.

Kaley's Lashes

On Kaley's eyelash extensions I did 11's on the inside corners and 13's on the rest, all are in c curl 2.0. Doing shorter lashes on the inside corners help. Typically those are the lashes that fall out the fastest if you have them too long. The inside natural eyelashes are shorter and will need a smaller eyelash extension to be able to hold it up. Holding up the the corner lashes will make it so they don't bug her and will feel more natural.

Abby's Lashes

On Abby's eyelash extensions I did 11's on the inside corners and 12's on the rest. All in c curl 2.5

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lash care and purpose

I wanted to share an article I found today on eyelash extensions posted by national news. This article does a great job describing eyelash extensions and their purpose. I especially enjoyed reading the part about taking care of and extending the life of eyelash extensions.

Feel free to read the article and comment on your thoughts.
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Monday, July 22, 2013

Katie's Lashes

Katie requested more natural looking lashes but still wanted to enjoy the striking effects of lash extensions. To create a more pronounced appearance without having a potentially over-dramatic look, I chose to do what is called a partial set. A partial set of eyelash extensions means to gauge their natural lashes as a guideline of sorts for both spacing and application.  By adding to Katie's natural lashes we were able to create her desired natural fuller look. Katie's partial created a contrast, bringing out her eye color while enhancing her already stunning look.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Jessica's lash fill

On Jessica's eyelash extensions I do 13's C curl on all of her lashes. 13's give extra length creating a stronger contrast for bright colored eyes.  Jessica has beautiful green eyes and her extensions really make them pop.

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