Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Shayla's lashes

I did 10's on the inside corners and 11's on the rest in C curl. Shayla had never had lashes done before so I didn't want to go too long. I love new clients that haven't had them before because I love to see their reaction when they see them for the first time. They make such a difference.

Lexi's lashes

I do straight 14's C curl on Lexi. She has such a fun style and the dramatic lashes look great on her!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Kelsey's lashes

On Kelsey we do a mix of 13's and 14's C curl. She has big, beautiful eyes and this dramatic look makes them pop.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Aubrey's hair

She previously had a melt with her natural hair color on her roots. She wanted to go lighter for the spring/summer so I did a partial highlight with blonde and a Carmel brown.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Janeen's full set

I do straight 12's C curl eyelash extensions for Miss Janeen. This gives her a more dramatic look. Janeen is also using Lilash and it has made such a difference. Her eyelashes last so much longer and her natural lashes are 3 times the length they used to be and are much thicker. I would recommend it to anyone who has lash extensions.

My cute mom

On my mom's eyelash extensions I do 10's on the inside corners and 11's and 12's mixed on all the rest. When you mix the lengths it gives it a really natural look because they are not all exactly the same.

Tips and tricks for lash extensions

There are many different ways to help make our eyelash extensions last and I feel like we all have found our own special tricks.However, here are a few main ones that make the biggest difference in preserving your eyelash extensions:

1. Try to NEVER get them wet. It's not bad if you do but, the less moisture they have the longer they last. When you wash your face use a scrubber or washcloth to wash around your eyes.
2. Don't put anything on your eye lids that is oil based or moisturizing. Face creams, moisturizers, shadows or liners(that are oil based) should stay clear from your lids.
3. Use a lash sealer. This helps keep the glue from breaking down by keeping the moisture and oils out of your eyelashes.
4. Blow dry your lashes if they do get wet. I blow dry mine every time I get out of the shower. I don't get them wet but the steam from the shower causes moisture. Just put your blow dryer on cool and the lowest setting of air speed and blow dry them angling the blow dryer under your lashes blowing up with your eyes closed lightly. I have noticed it helps my lashes last longer and lay better.
5. Use a lash growth serum. There are many different kinds like Latisse, Lilash...etc. and they help your natural eyelashes to stay healthy and strong. This in the long run make your lash extensions last longer.
6. DO NOT pick or pull or rub! This will mess up your lashes completely and I can tell who does it because they have a lot of broken lashes(you know who you are). This makes it so they don't lay right and creates those awkward gaps. It also makes it so when you come get them filled I can't get them as thick because there are a lot of broken lashes. So just don't do it no matter how fun it is.

Rachel's nails

We did shellac in the color Tropix which is the perfect coral color. We also added a little glitz with a silver glitter on her ring fingers.

Protective sealer

The protective sealer is what I apply to my clients eyelash extensions after I do a full set or fill. It helps to seal and bond the lash extension. I would recommend it to anyone who has eyelash extensions because it protects your extensions from any moisture or oil that can break down the bond of your lashes. It's clear and can be applied daily to help make your eyelash extensions last longer and longer.

Mackenzie's lashes

On Mackenzie's eyelash extensions I did 11's on the inside corner, 12's in the center and 13's on the outside corner in C curl. This is the "cat eye" look which help make your eyes pop and look bigger.

Afton's lash fill

On Afton's eyelash extensions I apply straight 13's that are a J curl which give a more subtle look to a long length lash.

Sara's lash fill

On Sara's eyelash extensions we did 10's on the inside corners of her eyes and then 11's on the rest. This is what gives a thick but more natural look.

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